Fortune Poker Review

Fortune Poker Review

July 7, 2018 Off By stgv2dh

General information

If you are considering taking part in our online poker league but want to know a little more about the place you will be depositing your hard earned cash before you do, then please allow me to explain the reason that I chose Fortune Poker as our sponsor.

First of all, I considered many poker rooms before deciding on a suitable place to host our private tournaments. I read many reviews of many different rooms and spoke to the marketing managers directly about getting the best deal for our players.

I had read numerous reviews on Casino Ruby Fortune and they were all saying the same thing. That it’s full of fish. Time and time again I was reading this. Here are just a couple of examples of the types I things I read:

“They have excellent support staff and their low stakes tables are full of fishy players.”

“Fortune Poker is well known for their player base and not for their incredible skill. There are plenty of fish here, meaning you can make your fortune playing whatever games you like most.”

Now when you are playing against your friends this doesn’t really factor in. But if you want to get some practice in before your games or whether you just fancy playing this is a fantastic factor for you guys. Assuming that you are looking to win money when you play, who’s better to play against then fish?

For those of you that don’t know what a fish is, it’s poker terminology for a weak player. As long as you are patient and are confident in your game, you’re going to be able to make money here. I tried it for myself and deposited

Me playing at Fortune Poker

I started by depositing $80 which exchanged into $90. I have been playing here on and off over the last couple of weeks and have played many hands. I have had swings up as high as $260 and as low as $0, which happened just last night on a hand where I got all the chips in as a 90% favorite. When I did go bust I had just completed enough raked hands to complete the first $10 bonuses after 343 raked hands and about 1,500 actual hands. So my balance is currently $10.

In terms of the standard of play at these tables I can say that a steady poker player can find themselves profiting quite easily at these tables. I began by wagering a little wildly but once I started playing a steady game I saw my account balance rise steadily. The thing with No Limit is that the swings can take you up and down, which is the reason why it’s such an appealing game because being on that upswing is a great feeling.

Unfortunately, I went on swings both ways. It’s great going up and frustrating when you go back down. I wasn’t implementing any bankroll management rules as I didn’t have the amount of funds to put 30x the full buying at the level I wanted to play and I tend to play recklessly at the lower levels as I just don’t care about winning or losing a pittance. So I was gambling outside of my means with regards to bankroll management. But I didn’t invest enough money where if I lost it all it would matter. It would have been nice to end up in profit, but an $80 losses isn’t going to break the bank.

It is important to consider these things when you play and I would highly recommend to any player playing seriously with the intention of making a long term profit to employ a bank roll management system. I will write a further article explaining how to do this in the coming weeks. In a nutshell it assures you play at a level where you can employ your best game without risking your bankroll when the swings go against you.

I’d highly recommend any recreational or professional poker player to test out Fortune Poker because it is a game that players of only an average standard can profit.

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