Some Interesting Poker Hands

Some Interesting Poker Hands

July 20, 2018 Off By stgv2dh

We all make mistakes. I make a ton of them.

So it’s the river and I’ve been pushing my crappy hand into a massive fish throughout the hand. Finally, on the river, I hit a good hand and then I check. I check? I check. I’ve got top and middle pair on a mildly scary board, and I’m against a fish. The fish bets, and I call. I call!?! This would have been a perfect opportunity to raise. But I call. I blame it on the fact that I was playing three tables. That’s the ticket! He also has two pairs but mine are stronger.

Reading hands isn’t easy, and when you’re wrong it can cost you big time.

When someone goes crazy on a flashy board with an ace it can be really easy to put them on a pair or a flush draw. It’s kind of hard to put them on a straight draw. The turn action pushed me even further into the made hand on the flop camp. That meant that my set was good. Luckily for me the flush and four-straight came in on the river, causing me to second guess my turn evaluation. I lost to a turned straight.

Yeah, no one wants to hear about bad beats, but I found another one that I wanted to share. Who knew that quad queens were the hand of the week? Maybe there is such a thing as karma?

Everyone always finds the one in a million hand.

You always hear about these amazing set-ups. AA vs. KK vs. QQ, which I’ve seen. Or any other of a number of chance occurrences. Of course, any specific hand is a chance occurring, so most aren’t that interesting. This hand falls exactly into that category of intellectually curious but not that interesting overall.